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How to Get on Web3

A growing interest in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the Web3 among IT professionals is encouraging more and more people to join the technological revolution to come. The basic concepts and solutions are just emerging, and whoever has the time to understand the new technologies will secure high-paying jobs and incomes for decades ahead.
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Updated: 16.02.2023

Why Engage in web3

Web1 with its static websites was the foundation. The ideas of interaction turned the whole web upside down and resulted in web2 with social media, services and so on. The new generation of the Web changes the rules, abandoning the outdated ideas of web 2.0 to newer and smarter solutions. Web3 is the future that is taking shape now.

Besides the technical shortcomings of the Web2, many are concerned that the major technology players have monopolized the market and usurped the value of the developments made by Web2 programmers. Projects on the Web are not developing the way the users of the project would like them to, but the way the management companies can benefit from them.

A transition to the ideas of decentralized ownership offers higher income to developers and content creators, and allows for a more equitable distribution of the value of projects. The ideas of decentralized finance and rejection of obsolete bank technologies give greater financial freedom. The abandonment of market regulators allows for projects to be constructed as seen by the participants themselves, not by management companies.

Why Web3 Is the Future

The ideas underlying the third generation of the Web provide a more equitable way to shape the logic of an entire network. Content creators are rewarded for the content they create, not for the hours they spend on it. Developers earn real value for their technical expertise. Finally, users are free to choose the project they want to participate in.
All of these ideas are now just taking shape and setting the foundation for the logic of the next generation of Web3.

How to Get in on Web3

Many enthusiasts are drawn to Web3 ideas, who create new projects with their technical knowledge. Free access to new tools enables a steady growth of Web3 technologies. All cutting-edge ideas will eventually have easier implementation to attract not only tech geeks, but also less advanced users.
At this point, Web3 technology is in its infancy. Learning the basics opens up huge development prospects. Some of the paths, however, can be dauntingly long and challenging. The basic idea is to move away from learning complex and outdated tools, using the best ones only.
Our How to Learn Web3 article described how to find cutting-edge ideas for free and always stay on the spearhead of technological ideas.
Those who would like to get more serious about Web3 programming are encouraged to check out the roadmap.

Learning the Basics

Before starting to learn blockchain technology, it is advisable to take the well-known free course CS50 (Computer Science 50) as a minimum. This is an introductory offline and online course on computer science from Harvard and Yale Universities.

Learning Blockchain

The first step in beginning a web3 career is to learn blockchain technology. As a Web3 developer or content creator, you must have an understanding of what blockchain is and the way this technology works. It is worth considering that blockchain is no longer limited to cryptocurrencies. This technology has become a fully distributed cloud computing system. We recommend taking a free course on blockchain basics at Coursera to get started. You can read more about blockchain technology in one of our new articles.

Decentralized Applications

Once you have grasped the blockchain basics, you should consider what applications a developer can create using blockchain.

Frontend and Backend Development

The next step is to understand what frontend development is all about. It is important to learn the basics of interface development before embarking on the development of your first DApp. We recommend reading the frontend development roadmap.
The decentralized application backend is different from standard. It uses blockchain technology as the primary de-centralized storage instead of standard databases or repositories. Nevertheless, most principles remain the same. It is best not to take on blockchain application development right away unless you have a solid knowledge of standard web development principles.

How to Get a Web3 Job

Knowing the basics of blockchain and Web3 technologies, you can start looking for a job. Your chances of finding a promising job in Web3 depend directly on your competencies and the time you are willing to spend on further training.
When you join a web3 project team, you can develop your knowledge and skills at a faster pace. With the rapid development of technology and the growing demand for specialists, you are guaranteed career advancement and higher pay.

Continuous Education — the Key to Success in Web3

You'll have to keep improving your skills when you're on the cutting edge of technology. Tracking the emergence of new tools and solutions. Trying out new things is the path of any enthusiast who has decided to dive into Web3.

Dive Deeper into the Web3

There's no better way to get into Web3 than to create your own project! By implementing new ideas, you can actively contribute to the shared web space and accelerate its growth. Decentralized apps, blockchain apps and protocols - the web3 ecosystem is full of gaps and opportunities that can be exploited as an investor, developer or just a crypto-enthusiast.
High numbers of interested professionals produce a huge number of new projects. However, not all these projects are profitable for their creators. This results in wasted allocated budgets, frustration and sometimes even in refusal to continue working in Web3. How to avoid draining your budget and get a steady income?

A Course for the Product Owner

Web3 enthusiasts are interested in learning new tools and technologies on their own, but it is often difficult for those tech-savvy to understand aspects related to the economic model. Questions related to understanding the success of a product with users, testing the feasibility of hypotheses and creating successful products are best answered by professionals who have worked through all this from their own experience.
The Romtos course is good for those who want to create their own online product in the meta-universe. They can be entrepreneurs, business owners, product owners, managing partners, managers enhancing their skills in product creation and any project participants.
The course helps to find an idea, test it, build a successful project and make a profit in a straightforward time frame.
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