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How to Learn Web3

Starting to learn Web3 and blockchain development today is like buying Bitcoin for $10 yesterday. Entering the blockchain industry, with an average programmer being paid over $100,000 a year, is the best investment you can make.
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Updated: 05.02.2023

What is Web3?

Wikipedia gives the following definition: Web 3 is the idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web based on blockchain, which incorporates concepts such as decentralization and the token-based economics. See the Wikipedia page for more details.
Actually, there is no perfect definition of Web3 yet. The Web3 idea emerged decades ago and incorporated concepts such as the semantic web. Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, first came up with the idea in the 1990s. He saw the potential for robots to “talk to each other” and to understand and extract meaning from semantic data.
The core Web 3.0 ideas focused on translating all Web content written in human language into a machine-readable format that would allow algorithms and programs to recognize message meaning and build connections around it.

How is Web3 different from Web1 and Web2?

how to learn web3
  • Web 1.0 is the first version of the Internet that came after the introduction of the http protocol. The content of this version of the World Wide Web were static websites containing text, images and links. These websites were available to users in “read-only” mode. Minimum interactions were carried out on forums only.
  • Web 2.0 is the 2nd generation of the Internet. It began to spread in the 2000s. The basis of Web 2.0 is formed by interactive platforms connected to the network, social media, cloud services.
  • Web 3.0 - the specific visions of Web3 are still diverse, but they are all revolve around the idea of decentralization and include blockchain technologies such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Another important concept is decentralized finance. That is, users can exchange currency without banks or governments being involved. According to Bloomberg, Web3 is an idea that will “embed financial assets in the form of tokens into the inner operation of almost anything you do on the Internet.”
We can identify the basic Web3 principles:
  • Decentralization. Ownership of the network is distributed among users while eliminating a centrally managed organization.
  • No trust is required. No third party is required for authorization, as Web3 is blockchain-based.
  • Embedded payments. Transfer of funds without outdated banking structures. Cryptocurrency is one of the core elements of Web3.
  • No regulator is required. All Web3 players have equal rights without exceptions or regulator involvement.

What is Web3 development?

Web3 development is about creating decentralized applications that run on blockchain. Web3 developers are experts who understand the technology of creating secure digital assets.
The world has changed as a result of a number of technological advances. For example, the first computers were created as calculators. Modern computers are greatly superior to their predecessors. The commercialization of the Internet has led to the emergence of new technologies such as blockchain. Similar to computers, Web3 developers should know and be able to do much more than their predecessors
Developers' salaries are high. This makes learning Web3 the goal of many novice and fairly experienced developers. Since Web3 is a young and fast-changing technology vector, becoming a developer can be challenging for those just starting out on their Web3 journey.

How to learn Web3 development

The easiest way is to take any paid courses on Web3 development. The biggest issue with such courses is that the knowledge you get from them might become obsolete before you get your developer's certificate. If you want to enter Web3, they can help you get started. But what to do next? Take some other paid courses where 90% of the information will be outdated by six months to a year again? The solution is to study on your own.

How to learn Web3 on your own

Using open data sources, you can learn about the most advanced technologies and ideas and apply them in your work.


Twitter is a place where experienced developers share lots of ideas and the tools they use in their work. One of the best ways to learn new technologies is to follow Web3 developers' Twitter accounts.
We recommend that you do a periodic search in your niche of interest to find the best people to subscribe to. Then see who they subscribe to, who they retweet, and what tweets they like to find more people in the niche you are interested in.
To begin with, these are a few influencers whose accounts are worth exploring:
  • @VitalikButerin — Ethereum co-founder
  • @aeyakovenko — Solana co-founder
  • @TimBeiko — Ethereum core developer

Web3 Devs on YouTube

The number of developers sharing their ideas is continuously growing on YouTube. In addition, YouTube is ideal for demonstrating Web3 projects visually and providing in-depth explanations.
How to learn Web3 programming from YouTube? Here's a list of a few great resources to improve your skills:
  • Web3 Foundation — the official Web3 Foundation channel with lots of useful content..
  • Alchemy — the channel explains how to create a betting application, how to verify a smart contract, and contains other useful video lessons.
  • Nader Dabit — offers high-tech videos for those who want to delve deeper into learning new technologies.


Subscribing to newsletters is another option to obtain useful information without spending long hours browsing the Web. You can use newsletters as a starting point for news, tools, and updates:
  • Week in Ethereum News is the best newsletter for web3 developers working on Ethereum.
  • The Daily Bear is a newsletter containing interesting Twitter topics, tutorials, case studies, details and information on the entire Web3 ecosystem.
  • Developer DAO is a decentralized Web3 developer community publishing a newsletter specifically tailored for those who want to get involved in Web3 development projects. As an example, the newsletter subscription page.

Web3 Discord

Discord was initially designed as a gamer communication app. Now you can find Web3 developer communities on Discord. Most Web3 projects link to their Discord profiles on their landing pages and social media accounts.
Additionally, there are common Discord servers for exploring web development: Buildspace and CryptoDev Hub. Many of the servers have channels for #jobs, #resources, #events. Such channels will help not only to improve your knowledge, but also to find a new job.

DAO Web3

DAO is another way to find interesting projects, start collaborating with new teams and build your portfolio. DAO is an organization that operates on the principle of decentralized management. To put it simply, it's an organization owned by all of its members. Here are a couple of developer-oriented DAOs to explore Web3:

Web3 Guides

Reading official manuals is the next step in learning how to code (learn Web3 coding). After you've gone through the tutorials and guides, you'll have a better understanding of the way Web3 works and will be able to create simple apps.
These are some guides to get you started:


GitHub is the world's biggest code repository for open-source Web3 development. Tagging repositories allows you to receive notifications whenever new code is added, which keeps you up-to-date. You can also browse the code to see how experienced developers are solving problems.
A few GitHub repositories for learning how to develop on blockchain:
  • Foundry-rs/Foundry — a toolkit for developing Ethereum applications.
  • OpenZeppelin/openzeppelin-contracts — a repository for running Ethereum NF.
  • Rainbow-me/Rainbowkit — integrate wallets with your DApps.

What next?

The developers' salaries are quite high, but not all programmers are willing to work as run-of-the-scale performers. If you have ideas and a desire to make a new project on your own, you should definitely do it. The problem is that not all programmers know how to create a successful project that will bring profit to its creator.
For those who are interested in becoming a successful industry leader, we recommend that you take the Romtos Course. The author of the course will teach how to create successful products on the basis of practical experience.
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