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Who is the Product Owner?

Reading time: 12-17 min
Updated: 24.12.2022
The Web3 Product Owner is one of the central roles and areas of responsibility within a Scrum team. Unlike other participants in the process, the Product Owner Web3 is essential - their presence accompanies the product at all stages of its life cycle. Let's take a brief look at their functional responsibilities, starting with the principal and basic ones and concluding with more specialized and specific ones:

1. In a Web3 company (startup), the Product Owner is responsible for the value content of the product, both for future customers and for the company that has entrusted them with the project. The Product Owner's priority is the development of the value concept and its successful delivery to the end-users.

2. In Web3, the Product Owner is the chief negotiator and mediator. They balance the needs of all stakeholders: the customer, the Product Manager, the development team, the end users, and other members of the product team. By analogy, it is something akin to an art curator - an intermediary between the artist and the audience, or a theater director.

3. Strategy development is another item on the Web3 product owner's task list. A competent estimate of labor costs and deadlines helps the specialist to plan the future of the project from the “here and now” perspective.

4. No successful product can be imagined without a common vision within the team. Creating this vision and communicating it to all the participants in the development of Web3 is also the Product owner's role.

5. The Web3 Product owner analyzes product metrics and handles the trend dynamics.

6. They make a list of analytical and technological tasks—the product backlog.

7. Prioritize the tasks to be performed: those that are important to do first, and which tasks are still pending, and control the development process and daily rallies.

9. Progress assessment at each stage is the another area of responsibility of the Product Owner.

The list of Product Owner responsibilities in Web3 is wide and extensive. Only a person of impressive personal and business qualities can handle such a volume of tasks.
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