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Who is the Product Manager?

Reading time: 12-17 min
Updated: 24.12.2022
A veteran of product management, Martin Eriksson, has formulated an idea that has become widespread: the product manager stands at the intersection of business, technology, and user interaction. What lies behind this vague definition? What is the role of the Product Manager in Web3 development, and what business qualities do they need to possess?

1. A Web3 product manager conducts a market and competitor analysis. Which way and at what rate is the market moving? In what way is the competitor's product different, what are its advantages and disadvantages? Adequate analysis is a helpful tool to build a competent positioning of the product.

2. Analysis of the target audience, interests and needs of customers. Product manager needs to study the demand and the competitive environment on a continuous basis, so that the future release will meet the expectations of users.

3. Creation of a product strategy. The scope of Product manager's responsibilities in the field of Web3 includes setting tasks and prioritizing their implementation. They define the succession of activities, assign the performers and set the deadlines.

4. Distribution of responsibility. The Product Manager of Web3 projects builds the team, distributes roles between performers, sets the procedure and pace of work for the product team.

5. Launch of the product, its promotion on the market. In Gen 3 networks, the Product manager is responsible for launching a new product on the market, collecting feedback from the customer and its further improvement. Pricing, customer acquisition and loyalty programs implementation are also included in the specialist's priorities. To measure success, the Web3 Product manager determines KPIs, tracks them, and examines the results.

6. Approval of the sales growth plan. Since product development is an ongoing process, the Gen 3 Network Project Product Manager doesn't stop through the product launch halfway. They monitor sales, improve competitiveness, and work to increase the loyalty of their core target audience.

The ability to sell ideas and manage a team, solve problems and navigate uncertainty is a must-have skill for anyone interested in working in this field.

A Web3 product manager conducts a market and competitor analysis

Analysis of the target audience, interests and needs of customers

Creation of a product strategy

Distribution of responsibility

Launch of the product, its promotion on the market

Approval of the sales growth plan

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