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Share the NFTs Romtos

1. Use the MetaMask Wallet

2. Click on the NFT you want to buy

3. Click on the Buy NFT button

1. Connect MetaMask Wallet

2. Click on the NFT you want to buy

3. Click on the Buy NFT button

NTFs dedicated to Romtos course.

connect Metamask wallet
Click on the picture of the NFT you want to buy. Highlighting them with a green frame.
NFTs Romtos course is dedicated to the great minds of the builders of the Metaverse and Web3 based on blockchain. This is the knowledge that everyone can get and learn here, with which everyone can make their dreams come true.

Also NFTs are dedicated to donations for the restoration of my native Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.

Economic model:

We implemented the economics of NFT pricing with a potential growth algorithm. What does it mean? The algorithm will control the price of NFTs depending on consumer demand. We split all Romtos course NFTs (the number of which is specified in the smart contract) into pools. Each purchased NFT on the site romtos.com, which is the primary source, will raise the cost exponentially to the next NFT pool. This will allow every collector and entrepreneur to be proactive and purchase "NFT Romtos course" earlier at a lower price. As time goes by, a collector or entrepreneur will have liquid Romtos course NFTs in his collection with an increasing price. Since we will develop the demand for the Romtos course project and its popularity in the market will grow.

Romtos NFTs of course support the marketplace standard: OpenSea, Coinbase NFT, Rarible, Nifty Gateway.

You can also understand the progress of the project by visiting the Product Roadmap Romtos course page.
NFTs Ukraine
Dnipro, a majestic city that has conquered numerous industries...
Donetsk, the city of a million roses. There, terricones reach up to the sky, heaping over deep coal beds...
Mirror stream, a romantic and mystical place in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv...
Kyiv, the oldest city in Eastern Europe. There, the soul of every Ukrainian feels warmth in its luxurious parks and cozy squares...
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