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Today I will tell you not only WHAT NFT TOKEN IS but also how to make real money from it.
An NFT or non-fungible token is a unit of account, through which a digital impression of any unique object is created. It can be more than just pictures, it can also be audio and video recordings, gifs. Any content.
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Updated: 11.06.2023
Today I will tell you not only WHAT NFT TOKEN IS but also how to make real money from it.
An NFT or non-fungible token is a unit of account, through which a digital impression of any unique object is created. It can be more than just pictures, it can also be audio and video recordings, gifs. Any content. NFTs have high value among collectors, gamers, art lovers. They are bought and sold on special virtual platforms. A non-fungible token is a way to translate any object from our real world into the virtual world. For example, you can scan your children's old drawings or graduation photos. It can be anything, many artists digitize their artwork and sell it. You can also digitize and sell as NFT your music, video records, and so on. This wide variety of content offers us great opportunities.
Of course, their uniqueness and value vary. For example, the very first tweet by Elon Musk (the creator of Tesla) was sold at an auction for a hefty sum, thanks to the fact that Elon Musk is popular. Or take a very popular collection of monkeys wearing different clothes, called the "sad monkey." One of these monkeys was bought for $3.5 million because it has a very rare golden color.

Why is interest in NFT going to grow??
In the near future, interest in NFT is going to grow - Mikhail Karkhalev, a financial analyst at the cryptocurrency.com, claims with confidence. He believes that the point is not even in the value of artwork and other items. It's about the prospects that open up for the economy, media, real estate, etc.
create your own nft

How to make money on NFT?

Anyone who sets a goal can make money on NFT. Creating tokens is not limited to artists and inventors. Anyone, even the most ordinary school kid, can make money from it. We already know several cases where ordinary kids posted their drawings or photos as NFT tokens and became successful. Of course, the prices range from $3 to thousands, sometimes reaching into millions. All we need from us is a desire and a goal. Our modern world gives us the opportunity to make money online with virtually no investments. It takes imagination and brains to invest. How to make money on NFT from scratch, I'll explain step by step below.
So, how to create your own NFT? There are several options, and we will talk about one of them in more detail:
Here is an example of how to digitize any old photo, a picture on the wall, a fruit basket on your desk, or even a graffiti picture painted on a wall. This method is used by street photographers as well as by artists, sculptors, etc.

First, we digitize the photo we want to turn into an NFT token.
  1. Place the image on a flat, well-lit surface.
  2. Take a photo of it with your phone or camera.
  3. Transfer the digital picture to a graphic editor.
  4. Adjust the image to the desired format if necessary (not more than 100 mb).
  5. Save the finished image

Then, how to turn a finished digitized photo into a NFT?
To turn a digitized photo into an NFT token, you need to upload it to one of the special platforms. I will list the most popular ones below
  1. OpenSea
  2. Rarible
  3. Super rare
There are many of these marketplace platforms that operate on a similar principle. It would make sense to choose the most popular since we want to make money from selling NFT tokens.
To register on any of these platforms, you need to create and register your own crypto wallet.
You can learn more about crypto wallets and what they offer in the following article. Detailed instructions on how to create it can be found below. In the meantime, here are some examples of the most popular crypto wallets today:
  • Coinbase
  • Metamask
  • Torus
  • Portus
  • Wallet Conect
  • My ether Wallet
  • Formatic

Without one of these wallets, you can't register at NFT sites.
Detailed instructions on how to create your NFTs on the example of one of the sites called OpenSea:
  1. Open OpenSea
  2. Click on the "login" button on the right side of the window
  3. Using one of the wallets listed above, register an account
  4. Click on the "create" button on the right side of the screen.
  5. Upload your digitized image or any other image to the service.
  6. Add the name and description of the image, select the virtual storage (blockchain).
  7. Click on the "create" button
  8. Check the information entered and click on the "sell" button
  9. Set the price.
Click on the "Complete Listing" button
Then you need to confirm the transaction in the wallet, and wait for the token to show up for sale. This happens immediately.

I will now explain all the steps in more detail

Let’s create an NFT from scratch with the most popular OpenSea platform:
  1. Choose a finished image, or an already digitized photo that you have already taken.
  2. Download Metamask, since it is a free wallet, and it does not require any investment from you, except intellectual. This wallet will allow you to sell and offer for sale various NFT tokens.
  3. Choose a browser. For example Google or Brave.
Create your virtual wallet. To do this, you need to click "install Metamask" for Chrome or Brave, depending on the browser you are using. Any other browsers are also good, but I will use Chrome as an example, since it is popular. Firefox, etc. work fine of course, and the principle is the same.
install Metamask
The Google applications page window opens. Click the "add chrome" button. Follow the same steps for other browsers.
Once you have installed the application, press the "start" button
Follow Metamask's standard instructions
4. Follow Metamask's standard instructions. When you create your wallet, you need to create a secret phrase and password. I advise you to write it all down somewhere, for example on paper, and then either put it in your wallet or somewhere else where you won't lose it. The author, for example, attaches such passwords with scotch tape to the back of the computer.
Finally, all the instructions are completed, and we move on to creating your NFT.
Create your account on Open Sea
5. Create your account on Open Sea
As noted above, we are going to use one of the most popular platforms. Of course, you can choose any of them. Press the "create" button on the main page.
Connect Metamask, but you can connect other wallets to this platform. A list of wallets will appear, choose Metamask from this list.
Connect Metamask
A dialog box will appear on the right, follow the instructions on it to connect your wallet to OpenSea.
As soon as you finish connecting your wallet, a page for creating a new token will appear.
6. Creating an NFT
Creating an NFT
  • First, upload your file. It is important that it be no larger than 100 mb (megabytes). This was taken care of at the very beginning, when the photo was digitized.
  • Come up with a name for your image in the "name" field. The name and description are a part of the success. Be smart about it.
  • Insert a link to your information below. It can be your page in any social networks, your website, any interesting information. This box pop ups for people who have come to look at your NFT.
  • You need to create a description. It can be either short or verbose, at your discretion. Again, I recommend that you pay extra attention to it and write it nicely, from your heart. Look at how others do it, try to get inspired.
  • Skip Collection for now, since this is your first NFT.
  • The slappy (quantity) field is filled in automatically.
  • There are only two options in the blockchain field, ethereum or polygon. Keep ethereum as the default. Again, as recommended by experienced NFT sellers, ethereum, while a bit more expensive, has a larger audience, which is what we need as beginners. As for polygon, if you choose their blockchain, the client base is smaller, and you need a wider exposure.
  • Once all fields are filled in, click on the "create" button.
This is how we created our first NFT, and the whole process isn't very time consuming. Our new NFT can be viewed and edited from your account. It will show visitors, number of views, the more people visit your page, the higher the value gets.

7. Placing the NFT for sale.
To place your new NFT on the marketplace, click "sell". Next, we make a listing and set the price, once all fields are filled in, click "complete listing".
lacing the NFT for sale.
The OpenSea marketplace deducts a commission from the sale amount.
List of the best marketplaces:

Opensea - NFT sales leader, we have already talked a lot about this platform.
Rarible - another large marketplace for NFT sales. Unlike OpenSea, this marketplace has its own token.

Super Rare - this marketplace is used by artists, and various art sellers. The buyer pays the commission for all purchases made on this marketplace..

Foundation - this platform calls itself the new creative economy. On this platform, the original author who posted and sold the NFT gets 10 percent of the rebuys.
Bakeryswap - the principle is similar to OpenSea, but it is less popular.

In conclusion, each site has advantages and disadvantages, and each of us can decide for themselves, through experience, which one is better suited to them.

Now we know how to create an NFT out of almost any object. If only there is a will.
One more thing about collections. If you apply your knowledge of computer graphics, it is possible to create NFTs in large volumes. For example, one such image easily sells for $3-10 at an auction. We're not talking about some super popular guys from social media or TV right now. If you apply your knowledge of computer technology, you can create entire collections. Usually, nearly all marketplaces require a certain volume, namely 10,000 images. A step by step instruction on how to create NFTs in large volumes can be found in the following article, as this topic requires special study. You have to take into account modern trends in music, images, videos. Use your mind and imagination. It's often said that there is a buyer for every product, and you yourself may not know how much your art is worth. Experienced sellers recommend auctioning off large collections. But if you assume that a collection will be sold at $1 per picture, and there are 10,000 of them, it's not bad at all. Yes, it will take dedication and imagination, and this is not for everyone, but if an ordinary schoolgirl can make money in today's 2023, so can we! Good luck to all of you, dear readers, and we'll see you soon in the upcoming articles
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