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Ultimate Guide: How to create a web3 website To A from Z

In a swiftly changing digital realm, the emergence of technology marks a significant shift, promising to redefine our internet experience. For those seeking insight into the essence of web3 websites and their relevance in the contemporary world, this article is your gateway to enlightenment. Delve into the very core of and its transformative impact on page creation and interaction.
Reading time: 20 - 25 min
Updated: 12.06.2023
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What Sets Web3 and Web3 Sebsites?

Web3, often referred to as the third generation of the internet, represents a groundbreaking departure from the conventional centralized web. It is the embodiment of decentralization, possession, and empowerment. Web3 websites are not merely static online pages but dynamic entities residing on the blockchain. They grant users unparalleled control and holding over their data. The paramount significance lies in its ability to deliver superior solitude, safety, and keeping. These networks are conceived to serve society, setting data control back in the hands of users instead of centralized corporations.

Best web3 sites signify a new era of user-centric experiences, delivering unrivaled transparency and reliability. They are designed for individuals who prioritize high-tech autonomy and businesses that seek a more decentralized approach. Whether you are an individual desiring greater control over your automated presence or a business looking to embrace a more decentralized model, they offer the perfect solution.

The Ways for Monetizing the Web3 Website

In the dynamic world, unlocking revenue streams is a journey filled with innovative possibilities. Let's explore a couple of these avenues to help you transform your page into a thriving business.

1. Tokenomics and NFTs: Embracing the power of blockchain, you can tokenize your programmed assets, turning them into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). NFTs represent particular, ownable cybernated items, such as art, collectibles, or even exclusive sense. By minting and selling NFTs on your portals, you open up new monetization horizons. Each transaction generates revenue, and as your NFTs gain popularity, their value can appreciate over time.

2. Membership Models: Introduce tiered membership models that grant exclusive access to premium subject, early updates, or a thriving community. With technology, you may assure transparency and traceability in these memberships, building trust with your audience. Memberships are able to be sustained through subscription fees or one-time purchases, providing a steady stream of income while fostering a sense of belonging among your dedicated supporters.

Web3 Domains: A Brief Overview

In the intriguing realm of web3 technology, your journey to create web3 website begins with a crucial step—securing a domain. The multifaceted role of them, essential for those striving to build a web3 website, should be explored.

Domains are far from conventional automated addresses; they embody the characteristics of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) or "digital certificates." What sets them apart is their extraordinary versatility. While serving as your network’s unique web locales, they also function as cryptocurrency purse locations. Gone are the days of deciphering lengthy strings of cryptic numbers that constitute a crypto wallet public key. With a user-friendly, human-readable concern, you are allowed to seamlessly manage cross-border payments, making financial transactions more accessible than ever before.

A Significance of Blockchain-Based DNS Services

When it comes to a web3 website builder, the significance of DNS (Domain Name System) services in the distributed ledger ecosystem cannot be overstated. These utilities play a vital role in producing, making, and building the best Web3 websites, and we'll explore some of them here.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS): ENS stands out as a distributed head rule rooted in the Ethereum blockchain. Each field sign registered in ENS is intricately linked to the owner's abode, effectively transforming it into a non-fungible token (NFT). This innovation empowers you to seamlessly manage bailiwick ownership, providing a secure foundation for your forum.

Unstoppable Domains: They offer a rare assistance that associates a personalized quarter with your pocketbook spot, often adopting the crypto format. The core idea behind utilizing these fields is to simplify the complexity of a standard public direction, making it more user-friendly and shareable. They empower you to navigate the landscape with ease.

DecentraWeb: It takes decentralization to the next level, serving as a decentralized DNS (Domain Name System). It enables individuals to establish their own top-level domains (TLDs) without the commitment for permission, ensuring permanent dominion within the Ethereum blockchain. DecentraWeb's mission is to revolutionize the internet and the branch structure, offering everyone the opportunity to generate and own their TLDs, all within the Ethereum blockchain.
For the purpose of our guide, we'll focus on Unstoppable Domains, providing a beginner-friendly approach to starting your first web3 website and exploring its functionality. With these DNS supplies at your disposal, you'll be well-equipped to craft your digital presence effectively.

Basic Steps for Creating an NFT domain

Move 1. To get started with your first realm, go to the site in your browser.
why build in web3

The main page

Move 2. Go through the registration development, which is completely standard for any web2 portal. You may use GMail to quickly log in or any other email.

Move 3. Find preferences for registration. Go to the menu and select Search. Type your desired sign in the search box and browse through the registration claims.
web3 website

How to find options for the registration

Another interesting feature of signing up an identity is that shorter extents will charge considerably more than longer. If you want to have a short and catchy heading, you will have to pay more when enrolling. No need to worry too much, because this will be the only deposit throughout the whole operation of using the utility.
There are also "domain zones" to select from: crypto, nft, wallet, x, polygon, dao. If you open the list of all possible choices applying the endings button 888, zil, bitcoin will become available.

The cognomen doesn't have any effect on anything, except the logical distribution of the sphere. For example, the benefit suggests running .nft for ingenious individuals. Probably, the project team believes that many content authors publish their conceptions in the NFTformat. The smallest option X is the premium, which, as the developers say, is the easiest to remember. Bitcoin is for members of the cryptocurrency community, focused on the long-term holding of cryptocurrencies in their accounts, regardless of circumstances and market conditions. Well, if we are talking about ease, it might be easier for you to hire a web3 developer to create web3 website. But it's better to register yourself.

An example of the short address cost:
An example of the short address cost

Short cost - an example

An example of the cost of a longer address:
An example of the cost of a longer address

Long cost - an example

We recommend that you use longer titles for the first experiments and save on testing. Once you feel confident in your abilities, you are equal to safely joining a hurried one.

Another interesting point. Service has a section dedicated to premium tags. Addresses with 4 letters are capable of value up to 100,000 USD, while prices for short ones with 3 letters are capable of reaching 250,000 USD.
Service has a section dedicated to premium tags

Premium sale. Properties

Move 4. Fee for it. Once you have selected the desired home, press on the Add to Cart button to add it to the cart. If you want to reserve all possible options for your project, tap on Add all. Registration of all possible privileges is sometimes required in order to prevent your competitors from adopting the name with other zones to compete with your project.
Fee for it

Domain payment

Indicate whether you are a U.S. resident on the right.
Indicate whether you are a U.S. resident on the right

Cart properties in the outlay procedure

Note that the assistance automatically includes the service before you pay for it. 4 USD for all hostnames up to 100 USD and 10 USD for all ones over 100 USD. The utility allows you to keep your ranges in a special storage, designed to protect them from being stolen. The price of the benefit is indicated for 1 year per 1 one. You can favor not to use this maintenance and opt for Self Custody. In this case you need to register it within 7 days after the purchase of the label.
you need to register it within 7 days after the purchase of the label

Extracting a protection level

The payment process is standard. You can pay in a variety of ways:
  • By credit card
  • Through the PayPal payment system
  • With cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Stablecoin USDC.
Through the Crypto.com app. The method also implies the ability to pay for the realm with cryptocurrency.
The method also implies the ability to pay for the realm with cryptocurrency

Checkout process

The reward measure itself isn't complicated, and once the deposit is made, a window will appear to confirm that the operation has been completed.
Confirmation pop-up

Confirmation pop-up

Creating a Domain: A Necessary Guide

After acquiring a name, the subsequent step involves establishing it within the decentralized ledger.
To check in a realm on the blockchain, navigate to the menu at the top of the interface and determine "My domains." The resulting page will present an inventory of names that have yet to be integrated into the block capitals.
My Page - the screenshot

My Page - the screenshot

Subsequently, it's imperative to link the domain with a cryptocurrency wallet to validate ownership. Elect the preferred one and initiate the "Free Mint" operation. A dialogue box will appear, presenting a series of actions. Proceed by squeezing the "Continue" button.

To move forward with the foundation organization, users will be required to confirm their email and designate the Web3 wallet to which an NFT address should be allocated. The entire process of inception is typically concluded within approximately ten to fifteen minutes, and you can monitor your progress through the "Tracking progress" feature.

Upon successful completion, the "Free Mint" feature adjacent to your domain will seamlessly transition into the "Manage" button located within the "My Domains" section.
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Crafting Your Web3 Site: The Vital Prospects

Forming is an exciting venture, and it offers a spectrum of possibilities to enhance your journey:

  1. Customizable Templates: Begin by exploring the myriad of customizable boilerplates at your disposal. They empower you with a range of design tools to craft your web pages. You can unleash your mastery and build an uncommon online presence tailored to your preferences.
  2.  Dispatching to IPFS: If you already have an existing site, it enables you to seamlessly transmit your database to the InterPlanetary File System. This decentralized approach ensures the preservation and accessibility of your content in the environment.
  3. Web2 Redirection: Another choice is configuring redirection from your domain to an existing Web2 database. This versatility allows you to bridge the gap between the traditional web and the Web3 world, ensuring a seamless transition for your audience.

The array of options ensures that you have the flexibility to create a Web3 website that aligns with your vision and goals. Whether you're starting from scratch, transitioning an existing page, or exploring the boundaries of the landscape you have covered.

Streamlining Web3 Site Creation with Templates

Planning a forum accepting arrangements offers an efficient and user-friendly approach to establish your crypto presence within the environs. This case is marked by several key points, catering to those searching for the best Web3 websites or information on how to build a Web3 website.
Stage 1: Accessing Your Account
Begin by logging into your account. Navigate to the "Domains" menu and select "My." Locate the one you've invented and tap on "Manage." Then, opt for "Construct using templates."
Accessing Your Account

Accessing Your Account

Stage 2: Template Selection
Now, it's time to single out the guide type that best suits your needs. You can opt for "Personal," "For Sale," or "Coming Soon."
These markings serve as the foundation for your network.
These markings serve as the foundation for your network.
Template Selection

Template Selection

Stage 3: Customization
Once you've chosen one, it's time to customize your site to align with your unique vision.


Modify headers, images, add relevant message, and make any other adjustments to design a portal that stands out. The editor's functionality closely resembles that of numerous Web2 builders, ensuring a seamless experience.

Stage 4: Publishing to IPFS
After finalizing, you'll need to press "Publish to IPFS." This action requires authorization through your wallet, confirming your ownership of the domain.
Publishing to IPFS

Publishing to IPFS

Passing and publishing your site typically takes ten to fifteen minutes, during which you can monitor the progress much like when registering a domain on the blockchain.
The information about transactions

The information about transactions.

Upon completion, you'll receive a URL for sharing it with others, along with an IPFS hash that stores your site on the network. This makes it accessible and verifiable in this environment.
Addy editing properties

Addy editing properties.

For those seeking professional development as product managers or those aiming to shape unique and profitable projects, consider enrolling in a career course to enhance your skills.

You can always revisit your list to edit your development as needed.
We provided a comprehensive tutorial outlining the action of creating a URL with third-party builders like Mobirise and GoHugo. Additionally, you may explore GitHub for some default texts, available at the following links:

- Ambitious
- Blog
- For detailed instructions, visit this site.

Transferring Pre-Made Files to IPFS

Wiring ready-made data to IPFS simplifies the process of integrating your existing web content into the digital environment. Interplanetary File System, is a groundbreaking open-source, peer-to-peer, and distributed hypermedia protocol that functions as a universal notebook system across all computing devices. In essence, it serves as a viable replacement for the conventional HTTPS protocol utilized in Web2.
If you already possess a website that you wish to incorporate into an NFT area, you can seamlessly achieve this by following these straightforward phases:

Firstly: Access your domains.
Begin by navigating to the "Domains" section and select "My" Locate the specific one you wish to connect and push down on "Manage."

Secondly: sending website files to IPFS.
Within the management panel, opt for "Upload website files to IPFS." This step initiates the integration process.
The management panel, uploading files practice

The management panel, uploading files practice.

Thirdly: Routing the HTML file
Smoosh on "Upload" within the service window, and proceed to select the HTML file for backuping. It's essential to be aware that the maximum file size permitted is 20 MB.
An uploading window, the limit warning

An uploading window, the limit warning.

Upon successfully completing these steps, your existing content will be seamlessly published to IPFS, establishing a connection with the NFT asset of your choice.

Custom Website Link: The Paramount Acts

Owners of Web2 websites have the benefit to effortlessly reroute them to domains, providing a seamless transition to the decentralized online landscape. Furthermore, this feature extends to conventional owners who wish to redirect to a decentralized domain during the development phase of their web version. This process is up to be achieved through the following points:

First of all, begin by accessing the "Domains" section and selecting "My domain." Then, proceed to click on "Manage."

Then, within the "Custom website linking" section, click the "Link website" button to initiate the redirection operation. This user-friendly approach ensures that owners are able to seamlessly embrace the benefits without disruption.
Custom website linking - redirection trial

Custom website linking - redirection trial.

Nextly, input the current IPFS hash for the content you want to link to your domain.

Finally, proceed by clicking "Launch website" and subsequently log in to your wallet to validate the transaction. This ensures the successful connection of your content to the domain, providing accessibility and verifiability in such an ecosystem.
Custom website linking - launching trial

Custom website linking - launching trial

Alternatively, you can manually transmit your site to IPFS. The list of available broadcast options:
  • IPFS Deploy
  • IPFS Upload via GitHub Action
  • IPFS Upload to Pinata via GitHub Action
  • IPFS Upload to Pinata.cloud Website

Detailed instructions are available on the site.
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Effortless redirection of your NFT domain to a traditional website

Are you eager to discover a seamless method for redirecting your NFT domain to a conventional website? This step-by-step guide will help you accomplish this transition effortlessly, making your domain more accessible to a wider audience.

Step 1: Preparing the Foundation.
Start by launching any text editor on your computer. You may use standard text editors such as Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on MacOS. These will work perfectly for the task at hand.

Step 2: Crafting the Redirection Code.
Copy and paste the following code into your text editor:

<title>HTML Meta Tag</title>
<meta http-equiv = "refresh" content = "1; url = WEBSITE URL" />

Step 3: Customizing the code.
Within the code, you'll demand to replace "WEBSITE URL" with the actual link to your website (starting with HTTPS://). Additionally, replace "WEBSITE DESCRIPTION" with a concise summary or description of your website.

Step 4: Saving the file.
Once you've made the necessary adjustments, save the data as plain text (txt). If you're using TextEdit on a Mac, navigate to the settings and choose "Regular text" instead of "Expanded text." Now, save the information as "index.html" before opening it in a browser to ensure it functions as intended.

Step 5: Connecting your NFT domain.
Next, log in to your account. Access the "Domains'' section, then select "My domain" and "Manage." Choose "Upload website files," followed by "Upload," and select the "index.html" folder you composed for your site. Finally, click "Launch Website." This process seamlessly connects your website and domain.
For more detailed guidance, you are capable of referring to the instructions available.

Exploring Web3 Domains Through Google Chrome

Web3 technology, while promising, is still in its early stages, and traditional web browsers cannot directly open Web3 websites. However, there are alternative methods for accessing and viewing your domains within the cryptographic ledger.

Option 1: Reconfiguring DNS in Google Chrome
You may adapt your DNS settings in Google Chrome to enable access. Follow these acts to make the necessary adjustments:
1. Launch Google Chrome and click on the three-dot menu located in the top-right corner of the browser. From the menu, select "Settings."
2. Within the Settings menu, locate "Security & Privacy," then click on "Security."
3. Scroll down to find the "Use Secure DNS" section and click on "With."
  1. 4. Select the "Customized" option and input the following.
The process of pasting the URL

The process of pasting the URL.

By reconfiguring your DNS settings in Google Chrome using this method, you'll gain access to your domains, opening the door to a more decentralized online experience.
The extension needed in Google Chrome

The extension needed in Google Chrome

While the full potential of technology is still unfolding, these steps will assist you in exploring and experiencing the benefits of this innovative web environment. Furthermore, for those with grand aspirations, consider enrolling in web3 courses to establish a website that aligns with your significant goals and ambitions.

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