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6 Steps How to Become a Web3 Developer: Only Useful Data

Modern technologies do not stand still; they are constantly evolving, and new opportunities appear. Web 3.0 technology is up-and-coming these days because it is rapidly creating, and there needs to be more good specialists. We want to discuss how to become a Web3 developer and what opportunities the profession offers you.
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Updated: 26.02.2023
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What is It, and Who is a Web 3.0 Builder?

It's worth delving into the history of the Internet. The first sites (from 1999 to 2004) could only display the data the user needed. In essence, it was a huge library. Gradually, the Internet improved, and I learned to interact with the user. It ushered in the Web2 era, which continues in part to our day. The special thing about this version of the Internet is that the platforms are able to interact with the user and with each other so that you get more useful features. The emergence of social networks facilitated the active building of that version of the Internet.

If such a format was so good, why do we need a third version? What is the difference between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. In 2019, a massive scandal erupted around Facebook when it was found to be violating users' privacy and using their data for profit. Many people understand that large corporations are making a lot of money from using customers' data. The new version of the Internet solves the problem. It creates a network of open-source, decentralized apps based on the blockchain. It has the potential to fundamentally change the nature of the Internet and help move from corporate networks to user-controlled ones while maintaining the functionality of Web2 that users love so much.

We may move on to the Web3 developer job description. These are people who create decentralized blockchain-based platforms for various purposes. When people hear the word blockchain, they immediately think it is related to crypto assets. Indeed, initially, it was created to perform transactions using crypto, but it quickly became evident that it could be used as a database in almost any industry. For example, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer used blockchain when selling a coronavirus vaccine to different countries. It made cooperation more transparent and effective. Web3 developer skills help people build Dapps for almost any industry – finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics.

If people want to be a part of a trend ready to change the Internet radically, apply for lessons.
These are people who create decentralized blockchain-based platforms for various purposes

IT specialist job

Types of IT professionals who work in such area

Before people decide to become a Web3 developer, it's worth learning more about the types of such specialists.
First, you have to understand which of the above areas interests you more than others and what opportunities the opens up.

To make a choice, you should consult with friends or acquaintances who already work in this industry. They will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each profession and tell you what is right, considering your characteristics. If you do not have such acquaintances, you may independently study the scope of activity of each of the above professions; you have to take into account the following features:

  • demand in the labor market;
  • salary amount;
  • is the list of skills you have to master – only technical, or is there room for creativity?
  • development prospects (it is worth determining your long-term goals and how you may develop in the industry).

You should think through everything in advance, down to the smallest detail. You have to estimate the cost of training. There are many free programs, but as a rule, they provide limited knowledge. In addition, you will have to use various tools, some of which will be paid.
You should think through everything in advance, down to the smallest detail

Skills Needed

To be a part of this new universe, you must master many skills and knowledge. Some are very close to classical programming, while others may be difficult to access. We have prepared a Web3 developer roadmap so that you are able to get everything necessary.

1. Basics

First, you have to study more theories about the building of the Internet and how types of the World Wide Web differ. In addition, you must understand why so many people favor the creation of this area and what opportunities it provides. Particular attention should be paid to studying what challenges Web3 pose for managers and how it affects them. It would be best to study which industries it is able to use and what opportunities it provides. You should delve as deeply as possible into the basics and find like-minded people who understand why the building of this area is so essential.

At this stage, students understand they are interested in development in this industry and whether they are ready to continue their studies.
students understand they are interested in development in this industry

Main principles

Additional sources for learning:

If you are interested in this direction, you should apply for lessons. We have a large knowledge base that we are ready to share.

2. Learn more About Blockchain Work Principles

You won't be able to master this wonderful profession until you learn how blockchain works. This may seem quite complicated at first glance, but it is actually much easier to understand. At the beginning of the journey, it is worth determining the difference between distribution and regular databases; they function principles, analyze the architecture, and understand how they react to a hacking attempt. You should also pay attention to decentralization, consensus mechanisms, hashing functions, mining, security, and cryptocurrencies. Next, you have to learn the tools that are needed to create Web 3.0 website.

This technology is relatively new and has been used only in the financial sector for a long time, so today, there are not many professionals who may work with it. This makes this direction extremely promising and, at the same time difficult to study.
This makes this direction extremely promising and, at the same time difficult to study

Blockchain architecture

Although there is a large amount of video and text materials on the Internet, most of them are very superficial and are clearly not enough to master the profession. We advise you to pay attention to the following resources, here, you may find something useful:

If you are really interested in this profession, do not waste time on free courses; apply for a lessons.

3. What are Decentralized Applications?

It is impossible to imagine the Web3 developer roadmap without studying decentralized applications. DApps are applications based on blockchain technology. As a rule, such apps include crypto wallets or exchanges, but more and more applications based on this technology, including games, are gradually appearing. As a rule, in appearance, such apps are not much different from classic ones, but in terms of technical characteristics, they are very different; they have a different architecture and program code. Typically, they are based on SC, which makes them more transparent and resistant to hacker attacks.

Unfortunately, most courses are costly, but we want to offer you a couple of free educational programs:

Learning decentralized can be quite challenging, so you should only trust proven courses. Apply for lessons and make your life better.

4. Front-End

Although DApps are based on the blockchain, they also have a standard interface, so you must also master classic programming languages and tools:
  • HTML;
  • CSS;
  • CSS Frameworks (Optional);
  • JavaScript;
  • JavaScript Frameworks – React/Vue/Angular.
you must also master classic programming languages and tools

IT World

Web3 developer skills are much more complex than those of a classic engineer because most projects require a more complex interface with beautiful visual effects.

To better master these skills, you should pay attention to the following courses:

With the knowledge gained, you will be able to work not only in this area but also in classical software creation, which makes this area incredibly promising. Apply for a course and find a new opportunity to improve your skills.

5. More Data on Smart Contracts

If you want to understand how to become a smart contract developer, you should learn more about this technology. So, what do we know about them? This kind of agreement makes cooperation more transparent between the two sides. For example, a smart contract would be an excellent solution if you are creating an application for selling or creating NFTs. Thanks to this technology, money will be debited from the buyer's account automatically immediately after the seller sends the goods. At the same time, all payments are non-refundable, which means you cannot cancel the transaction.
Understanding smart contract work principles is often not enough to create them. The ideal way to figure this out is to create new projects. If you want some basic information on this, you may refer to these resources:

Sign up for our course today to gain access to unique knowledge and skills.

6. DeFi

Experts argue that the banking system has long been outdated – high commissions, low speed of transfers (especially international ones), and transactions may be blocked for political and other reasons. This leads to more and more people starting to use crypto or non-bank electronic assets to pay for goods and services, carry out transactions, and store savings.

Most apps accept payments in one way or another; as a result, to become a Web3 developer, you need to understand how DeFi works. Typically, this technology uses stablecoins, software, and hardware through which you can create apps. The more information about the functioning of the crypt you process, the easier and clearer it will be when building software.

There is a lot of material about the theory of DeFi but little information on how to create or implement it in software. We have found several resources:

Interested? Apply now for lessons and open a new world of development.
There is a lot of material about the theory of DeFi

How Much Do Such Engineers Earn, and How in Demand is This Profession?

Now that you've learned how to get into Web3, you're probably wondering how much such engineers earn. The salary depends on many indicators:
  • Experience;
  • Qualification level;
  • Project features;
  • The region in which you operate.

In the USA, the salary of such specialists ranges from 70 to 350 thousand dollars per year, depending on Web3 developer skills. But if you are in India or the CIS countries, then the salary will be several times lower since the interest in this industry is low here.

There will be no problems with employment because today, a few specialists have the necessary data and have come a long way before becoming an IT builder. Today, a huge number of companies are interested in the creation of such projects and are looking for new engineers who are ready to help them implement cool, modern projects. For example, on UpWork alone (the most popular freelance platform in the United States), there are more than 500 vacancies, and their number continues to snowball.

What do We Offer?

If you were already interested in how to become a Web3 developer, you may have noticed that finding a suitable course is extremely difficult – some courses are too expensive, others are ineffective, and others provide only superficial information.

Our team has a huge number of enthusiasts who are interested in the development of this area. They have unique lore and experience and, most importantly, practical experience in creating such platforms, so they know exactly what data an engineer must have to be able to complete complex projects, and they are ready to share their knowledge.

If you want to develop in this direction, want to improve your financial situation, and plunge headlong into development and crypto, we know exactly how to help you. Our experts will not only tell you how to become a Web3 developer but also help you gain first-hand experience, which will certainly be useful in your future career.

A huge number of people today are not happy with their careers and are striving to change their lives for the better. You can achieve success on this path, provided that you may retrain and gain knowledge in the IT field. It is worth saying that you can retrain at any age; on the Internet, you can easily find stories of people who, at the age of 30 – 40, decided to start life anew and mastered a completely new profession. The main thing on this path is faith in a positive result, a high level of motivation, and, of course, well-chosen lectures and more practical exercises. After completing the training, you should receive a high-quality portfolio with several examples of completed work, which will demonstrate how much lore you have acquired and can help you improve various projects.


Our premium goal is to give you the opportunity to improve, master new professions, and increase your earnings. Our enthusiastic team goes to great lengths to select the most suitable set of lectures and exercises for the experience. We are proud of our students who were able to achieve heights in their new careers.


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